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The Blood of Fu Manchu (1968)

Directed by: Jesus Franco
Stars: Christopher Lee, Richard Greene, Howard Marion-Crawford
Language: English | Subtitles: English (embed)
Country: Spain | Imdb Info | Ar: 16:9 | Brrip
Also known as: Fu Manchu and the Keys of Death, Fu Manchu and the Kiss of Death
DescriptionFu Manchu inoculates ten women with poison, to kill ten world leaders.

Embrujada (1969)

Directed by: Armando Bo, Egídio Eccio
Stars: Isabel Sarli, Victor Bo, Miguel A. Olmos
Language: Spanish  Subtitles: English [srt]
Country: Argentina | Imdb Info | Vhsrip
Also known as: Mulher Pecado
DescriptionAnsise is a former Indian whose only dream is to become a mother. The idea of motherhood gradually turns into an obsession for her. Unfortunately, she has married an impotent man. But she tries to get pregnant anyway. She even tries to work as a prostitute and goes to a local witch. But the real problem is that an evil entity called Pombero has fallen with love with her, killing all the men crossing her way.

Kiss and Kill (1967)

Directed by: Takumi Furukawa
Stars: Diana Chang Chung Wen, Paul Chang, Tina Chin-Fei
Language: Mandarin | Subtitles: English
Country: Hong Kong | Imdb Info | Dvdrip
Also known as: Feng liu tie han
DescriptionA military plane carrying a nuclear load explodes mid-air after being hit by mysterious electronic rays. Secret agents are immediately ordered to trace its source. Sculptor Liang Tien Hong (Paul Chang Chung) returns to Hong Kong having been recalled by his uncle. He arrives to discover his uncle killed by agents. Liang’s uncle, inventor of the secret ray, dies after being tortured for information. The authorities believe the transmitter is still in Liang’s home. Steps are taken to find and destroy it for world peace.

The Amazing Doctor G (1965)

Directed by: Giorgio Simonelli
Stars: Franco Franchi, Ciccio Ingrassia, Gloria Paul
Language: English, Italian (2tracks)
Country: Italy | Imdb Info | Dvdrip
Also known as: Due mafiosi contro Goldginger
Description An evil genius named Goldginger hatches a plot to turn all government employees into mindless drones.

The Game Is Over (1966)

Directed by: Roger Vadim
Stars: Jane Fonda, Michel Piccoli, Peter McEnery
Language: French  Subtitles: English
Country: France | Imdb Info | Dvdrip
Also known as: La curée
DescriptionRenee Saccard is a pampered, selfish young wife of a middle-aged Parisian businessman who falls in love with her stepson but is driven to the point of madness when her husband tricks the stepson into betraying her.

Kiss the Other Sheik (1965)

Directed by: Eduardo De Filippo, Marco Ferreri
Stars: Marcello Mastroianni, Catherine Spaak, Virna Lisi
Language: Italian | Subtitles: English [srt]
Country: Italy | Imdb Info | Dvdrip
Also known as: Oggi, domani, dopodomani
DescriptionMarcello Mastroianni stars in this film which combines much of the 1965 release Paranoia with new footage. A police inspector is told of the bizarre behavior of a pistol-packing papa who shoots blanks at his wife to keep her intimidated. He inserts a real bullet every so often just to let her know she should pay attention. Another story has Mastroianni as a man who tries to sell his blonde wife to a wealthy sheik with a large harem. His wife has her own ideas and sells her husband instead as an addition to a male harem. He is condemned to servitude as the beautiful blonde steps into a luxury car and leaves him in the desert.

Mermaids of Tiburon (1962)

Directed by: John Lamb
Stars: George Rowe, Diane Webber, Gaby Martone
Language: English
Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Dvdrip
Also known as: The Aqua Sex
DescriptionA diver is aided in his search for sunken treasure by beautiful mermaids.

Duel of the Titans (1961)

Directed by: Sergio Corbucci
Stars: Steve Reeves, Gordon Scott, Virna Lisi
Language: English
Country: Italy | Imdb Info | Dvdrip
Also known as: Romolo e Remo
Description Twin brothers revolt against tyranny in pre-Roman Italy and then come to a parting of the ways as they lead their people toward the founding of a new city.

A Minute to Pray, a Second to Die (1968)

Directed by: Franco Giraldi
Stars: Alex Cord, Arthur Kennedy, Robert Ryan
Language: English
Country: Italy | Imdb Info | Dvdrip [uncut with few vhs bits]
Also known as: Un minuto per pregare, un instante per morire, Outlaw Gun
DescriptionWhen outlaw Clay McCord learns the Governor of New Mexico has offered an amnesty to all who apply for it at the town of Tuscosa, he is intrigued but suspicious. He circles the vicinity, weighing the offer and encountering other outlaws, all the while troubled by occasional “spells” resembling the epileptic fits which plagued his father. Eventually McCord reaches Tuscosa where he clashes with the local marshal, Roy Colby. The Governor then arrives and tries to calm the situation, knowing that if McCord asks for amnesty, other outlaws will follow. Events lead to a shoot-out with McCord, Colby, and the Governor on one side while a band of outlaws comprise the other.

Lunch Hour (1961)

Directed by: James Hill
Stars: Shirley Anne Field, Robert Stephens, Kay Walsh
Language: English
Country: Uk | Imdb Info | Dvdrip
DescriptionShirley Anne Field gives an unforgettable, fiery performance as a young designer on the brink of an affair with a married male executive (Robert Stephens) at the company where she works. With a tightly focused plot telling the story of an illicit lunch-hour rendezvous in real time

Riot (1969)

Directed by: Buzz Kulik
Stars: Jim Brown, Gene Hackman, Mike Kellin
Language: English
Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Dvdrip
DescriptionA riot in a state prison is staged to cover up an escape attempt, during which many inmates and guards are killed. Shot on location at Arizona State Prison.

Darling (1965)

Directed by: John Schlesinger
Stars: Julie Christie, Dirk Bogarde, Laurence Harvey
Language: English
Country: Uk | Imdb Info | Dvdrip
DescriptionA beautiful but amoral model sleeps her way to the top of the London fashion scene at the height of the Swinging Sixties.

Django Kills Softly (1967)

Directed by: Massimo Pupillo
Stars: George Eastman, Luciano Rossi, Liana Orfei
Language: English
Country: Italy | Imdb Info | Dvdrip
Also known as: Bill il taciturno
DescriptionDjango arrives in the town of Santa Anna at the behest of a man named Sanders who’d been trying to buy safe passage for his cargo from a Mexican bandit named El Santo. Django finds that Sanders has been killed and that his rival, a man named Thompson, is now trying to deal with El Santo. Django, after a brief involvement with a beautiful young widow named Linda — who has information on a lost gold mine — becomes entangled in this situation by agreeing to escort a shipment through El Santo’s territory.

Zorro and the Three Musketeers (1963)

Directed by: Luigi Capuano
Stars: Gordon Scott, José Greci, Giacomo Rossi-Stuart
Language: English
Country: Italy | Imdb Info | Dvdrip
Also known as: Zorro e i tre moschettieri
DescriptionA romantic adventure about royal kidnapping, friendship across the trenches and high treason!

Mr. Kinky (1968)

Directed by: Dino Risi
Stars: Vittorio Gassman, Ann-Margret, Giuseppe Altamurra
Language: Italian, Spanish (2tracks) | Subtitles: English, Spanish  [srt]
Country: Italy | Imdb Info | Dvdrip
Also known as: Il profeta, The Prophet
DescriptionPietro Breccia (Vittorio Gassman), is a man who has long decided to abandon civilization becoming a hermit, leaving behind the strain of modern life and the futility of consumer society and living for years in seclusion on Soratte, near Rome. One day he is discovered by a TV crew that, sniffing the scoop, film a report about him. From that moment, against his will, he gets sucked into civilization.

A Smell of Honey, a Swallow of Brine (1966)

Directed by: Byron Mabe
Stars: Stacey Walker, Sam Melville, Bob Todd
Language: English
Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Dvdrip
Also known as: Maneater, A Smell of Honey
Description Sharon is a young office worker who sexually teases, seduces and then cries ‘rape’ on various men just to see them emotionally suffer for her own man-hating, twisted amusement leading to one lovestruck boyfriend being sent to prison, the financial ruin of another, and the meltdown and death of a third victim. Sharon even teases her lesbian roommate, Paula, by come-ons and then brushing her off. But eventually, Sharon meets her match when she comes-onto Tony, a controlling and misogynistic thug whom reacts to her teases and threats in a way she never prepared herself for.