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Love on the Side (2004)

Directed by: Vic Sarin
Stars: Marla Sokoloff, Jennifer Tilly, Monika Schnarre
Language: English
Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Dvdrip
DescriptionA small-town waitress vies with a sassy city slicker for the attention of the town’s most eligible bachelor.

Naked Encounters (2005)

Directed by: Chance Levore
Stars: Monique Alexander, Dee, Lee Stone, Kirsten Price, Cytherea
Language: English
Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Tvrip
DescriptionHave you ever seen that perfect woman who you absolutely have to meet, but you don’t know what kind of guy she goes for? Roxanne Chance and Cole are private investigators who can get you that information. They delve into the life, sexual preferences, personal history, and personality of whatever target their clients desire, to allow the client to make the perfect first impression. Their newest paramour, Dominic, has his sights set on a beautiful fashion model. The investigative team gives Dominic all the information on his target that he needs to become her ideal man. When the paramour disappears after a night alone with his target model, Roxanne and Cole switch gears to find him.

Strange Games (2001)

Directed by: Benjamin Beaulieu
Stars: Thallia, Antoni Saint-Aubin, Philippe Lejeune
Language: French
Country: France | Imdb Info | Tvrip
Also known as: Drôles de jeux
DescriptionA nice erotic drama, produced by the French TV-channel M6, about two couples who are participating in role-playing sessions at a beautiful country mansion.

A Song of Innocence (2005)

Directed by: Antoine Santana
Stars: Isild Le Besco, Émilie Dequenne, Grégoire Colin
Language: French Subtitles: English
Country: France | Imdb Info | Dvdrip
Also known as: La ravisseuse
DescriptionSet in 1877, A Song of Innocence opens to find Julien (Gregoire Colin) and his wife Charlotte (Emilie Dequenne) welcoming their infant daughter home. It was a difficult delivery for Charlotte, and since ambitious Julien is always away at work, the couple agree to bring in Angele-Marie (Islid Le Besco) as a wet nurse. Disappointed at having a girl, Julien plans to try for a male heir as soon as possible, despite the fact that Charlotte isn’t sure she wants to have anymore children. The mood in their household is already strained when, in Julien’s absence, Charlotte and Angele-Marie discover that they have more in common than either woman expected. Just days before going to work for Charlotte and Julien, Angele-Marie gave birth to her own child, quickly sending her baby off with another wet nurse so she could earn a decent wage as a wet nurse to the wealthy couple. But Julien makes no attempt to hide his distain for the relationship between the two women, and it isn’t long before the situation threatens to turn violent.

They Call Her Trouble (2006)

Directed by: Francis Locke
Stars: Matt Bianco, Lux Kassidy, Kurt Lockwood, Samantha Ryan, Tabitha Stevens
Language: English
Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Dvdrip
DescriptionIncredibly sexy love story about two couples living in the neighborhood.

Alex in Wonder (2001)

Directed by: Drew Ann Rosenberg
Stars: Angela Gots, Robert Hays, Ellen Greene
Language: English
Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Dvdrip
Also known as: Sex and a Girl
DescriptionA girl in the 1970s dreams of becoming a ballerina while struggling with the divorce of her kooky parents.

On Hostile Ground (2000)

Directed by: Mario Azzopardi
Stars: John Corbett, Jessica Steen, Brittany Daniel
Language: English
Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Tvrip
DescriptionA geologist tries to prevent a huge sinkhole from devouring New Orleans during Mardi Gras.

Schlock! The Secret History of American Movies (2001)

Directed by: Ray Greene
Stars: F.X. Feeney, Vampira, Michael Copner
Language: English + Commentary (2nd track)
Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Dvdrip
DescriptionYou’ve heard of Hollywood, a town of tinsel and glamour, the town of Paramount, Columbia and MGM. But there is another Hollywood, a place where maverick independent EXPLOITATION FILMMAKERS went toe to toe with the big guys and came out on top! “SCHLOCK! THE SECRET HISTORY OF AMERICAN MOVIES” takes you behind the scenes with the legendary EXPLOITATION and SEXPLOITATION filmmakers of those golden “DRIVE-IN” MOVIE days. It’s sexy! It’s strange! And every word is true!
Note: Added few extra files within rar.. The Atom & Eve (Nuclear propaganda short), Massive Tits & Tons Of Vaseline (XXX short), Nude Beauty Pageant With Furs (short), Sex Hygiene Book Pitch (Unused footage where David F. Friedman gives a book pitch demonstration)

Deviant Obsession (2002)

Directed by: Eric Gibson
Stars: Brick Randall, Angelica Costello, Gabriella Hall
Language: English
Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Tvrip
DescriptionHotshot lawyers NUKE HATHAWAY and JOAN ALTON may be rivals in the courtroom, but things really beat up when they get behind closed doors, Problem is, Mike’s still married. After an argument with his wife, Mike storms out and heads, for the sexiest strip club in town, Phantoms. Reeling from the booze, he leaves with a gorgeous mystery woman for a night, of anonymous passion. Mike returns home to discover his wife has been murdered, and he’s the only suspect. The mystery woman has vanished without a trace, leaving Mike without an alibi. Now, he finds himself an the other side of the prison bars Joan knows there’s more to the case that, meets the eye, and decides to pose as a dancer at Phantoms to uncover the, truth, Immediately she knows she’s on the right track – Sex, betrayal and danger seem to follow her every step – Will she prove Mike’s innocence? Or will this seedy underworld prove too much for her to handle?

Super Ninja Bikini Babes (2007)

Directed by: Fred Olen Ray
Stars: Christine Nguyen, Beverly Lynne, Nicole Sheridan, Syren, Evan Stone, Kitty Katsu, Chelsea Blue
Language: English
Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Tvrip
DescriptionA comic book loving college coed is transformed into a superhero and attempts to thwart an alien invasion.

Gettin It (2006)

Directed by: Nick Gaitatjis
Stars: Patrick Censoplano, Cheryl Dent, Sajen Corona
Language: English
Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Dvdrip
DescriptionSilver, a teenage boy desperate to score with his long time girlfriend Sheila is pursued by many women in the community when an erroneous rumor circulates about his prowess.

Cause of Death (2001)

Directed by: Marc S. Grenier
Stars: Patrick Bergin, Maxim Roy, Joan Severance
Language: English
Country: Canada | Imdb Info | Dvdrip
DescriptionA deputy-district attorney, assigned to investigate the murder of the mayor’s cousin, finds himself falling for the victim’s wife.

Yellowknife (2002)

Directed by: Rodrigue Jean
Stars: Sébastien Huberdeau, Hélène Florent, Patsy Gallant
Language: French and some English | Subtitles: English [for French parts]
Country: Canada | Imdb Info | Dvdrip
DescriptionThe film tells the story of three couples on the road between the Atlantic coast and the Northwest Territories in Canada.

Mule Skinner Blues (2001)

Directed by: Stephen Earnhart
Stars: Beanie Andrew, Don Arrup, Emily Brannon
Language: English
Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Dvdrip
Description: Beautiful, messy, extravagant little documentary made about struggling dreamers by struggling dreamers for the struggling dreamer in all of us.

Succubus of the Rouge (2008)

Directed by: Dyanna Lauren
Stars: Barrett Blade, Roxy DeVille, Darryl Hanah, Dyanna Lauren, Shawna Lenee, Madelyn Marie, Kris Slater, Celeste Star
Language: Spanish
Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Dvdrip
DescriptionA dangerous virus is killing immortal vampires. To survive, they need to find a woman, whos blood is an antidote. They found her in a bar called Rouge, which locates in L.A. But will this woman agree to help them to save vampire world?”

Wall Lover (2007)

Language: Japanese  Subtitles: English
Country: Japan | Dvdrip
DescriptionMaiko is a housewife who does not satisfied with the sex life with her old husband, Shusaku. One day Maiko’s student Kaito and his wife, Ayano, move to her neighbor. While Maiko teaches her new neighbor Kaito cooking, they both discover their mates unsatisfactory. Kaito’s wife Ayana wants to know some wise old man through mating website. She found Mr Dolittle and set up to meet him. When she saw her neighbor Shusaku at the meeting site, she left. She contacted Mr Dolittle that night and set up to meet him again.