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The Very Late Afternoon of a Faun (1983)

Directed by: Vera Chytilová
Stars: Leos Sucharípa, Libuse Pospísilová, Vlasta Spicnerová
Language: Czech Subtitles: English
Country: Czechoslovakia | Imdb Info | Dvdrip
Also known as: Faunovo velmi pozdní odpoledne
DescriptionThis film was made as a kind of a “protest-song” against the panic fear of getting old and also against flirtation. The main character (played by Leos Sucharípa) is an elderly man, admittedly competent, but not very responsible. In the continuous fear, he is trying to do as much as he can but, instead of confidence, he only finds out that in the real life one cannot just take but must give as well. Last but not least, one must be able to resign to his age.

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The Best Age (1969)

Directed by: Jaroslav Papousek
Stars: Hana Brejchová, Jan Stöckl, Josef Sebánek
Language: Czech Subtitles: English, Czech [srt]
Country: Czechoslovakia | Imdb Info | Dvdrip
Also known as: Nejkrásnejsí vek
DescriptionAn artist’s studio is descended upon by a group of retired men and a young mother who agree to model in the nude for money. Comedy ensues as the students and the local bureaucracy react to the models, all in need of extra money. Several running gags border on slapstick as the officials and the students don’t know what to do with the nude models.

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Jan Saudek – Trapped By His Passions No Hope For Rescue (2007)

Directed by: Adolf Zika
Stars: Jan Saudek, Sára Saudková
Language: Czech Subtitles: English, Portuguese-BR, Czech, Russian (srt)
Country: Czech Republic | Imdb Info | Dvdrip + [Deleted Scenes]
Also known as: Jan Saudek – V pekle svych vasni, raj v nedohlednu
Description Jan Saudek, Czechoslovakia’s most famous living photographer, is the subject of this often-shocking kaleidoscopic biopic by friend and colleague Adolf Zika. With an unblinking eye, Zika chronicles the drama-filled life and work of a controversial artist who, though little-known in the United States, has enjoyed international acclaim throughout his fifty-year career.

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On the Comet (1970)

Directed by: Karel Zeman
Stars: Emil Horváth, Magda Vásáryová, Frantisek Filipovský
Language: English, Czech (2tracks) | Subtitles: English
Country: Czechoslovakia | Imdb Info | Dvdrip
Also known as: Na komete, Hector Servadac’s Ark
Description: When a comet passes the earth very closely, it pulls a small part of North Africa with it. Carried along is a bunch of people. Among them Angelika, who just escaped from a ruthless weapon dealer’s ship, and her two brothers, who are searching her. Then there’s a group of natives, who plan a rebellion against the French colonists. All these conflicts become secondary when the people finally realize that they are doomed to live together on an alien planet. However this time of peace and world-happiness won’t last for long.

Matchless (1967)

Directed by: Alberto Lattuada

Stars: Patrick O’Neal, Ira von Fürstenberg, Donald Pleasence

Language: English, Italian, German, Czech

Country: Italy | Imdb Info | Tvrip + Dvd

Also known as: Mission Top Secret, Mission T.S.

Description: A secret agent possesses a ring that makes him invisible for a short time, once every 10 hours. He is in pursuit of an evil criminal mastermind but, at the same time, must evade an enemy agent who also wants the ring.

Note: Posting English Tvrip and Multi Audio Dvd Both Grab as u Like.

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