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The Dolls (1965)

Directed by: Mauro Bolognini, Luigi Comencini, 2 more
Stars: Virna Lisi, Nino Manfredi, Alicia Brandet
Language: English, Italian (2tracks) | Subtitles: English, Italian [srt]
Country: Italy | Imdb Info | Dvdrip
Also known as: Le bambole, Four Kinds of Love
DescriptionFour different facets of love Italian-style provide the basis of this episodic film. The vignettes are “The Phone,” about a woman so busy talking on the phone that she fails to notice that her husband is having sex with a neighbor; “Treatise on Eugenics,” the chronicle of a Swedish girl’s search for the perfect sire; “The Soup,” about a wife’s attempts to get rid of her husband’s corpse; and “Monsignor Cupid,” which follows the attempts of a concierge to seduce a handsome young man.

An Angel for Satan (1966)

Directed by: Camillo Mastrocinque
Stars: Barbara Steele, Claudio Gora, Ursula Davis
Language: Italian | Subtitles: English [srt]
Country: Italy | Imdb Info | Dvdrip
Also known as: Un angelo per Satana
DescriptionAt the end of the 19th century, in a little Italian village by a lake an old statue is recovered. Soon a series of crimes start and the superstitious people of the village believe that the statue carries an ancient malediction

The Spider’s Stratagem (1970)

Directed by: Bernardo Bertolucci
Stars:Giulio Brogi, Alida Valli, Pippo Campanini
Language: Italian | Subtitles: English, Spanish, Czech  [srt]
Country: Italy | Imdb Info | Tvrip
Also known as: Strategia del ragno
DescriptionAthos Magnani, a young researcher, returns to Tara, where his father was killed before his birth, at the request of Draifa. The father, also named Athos Magnani and looking exactly like the son, was killed by a fascist in 1936 — or so says Draifa (his mistress), the town statue, and everyone in town. As the son untangles the web of lies this story is constructed from, he finds himself ensnared in the same web.

You Can Do a Lot with 7 Women (1972)

Directed by: Fabio Piccioni
Stars: Richard Harrison, Marcella Michelangeli, Marie Louise Sinclair
Language: English, Italian (2tracks)
Country: Italy | Imdb Info | Tvrip
Also known as: Si può fare molto con sette donne
DescriptionGood fun crime caper! Richard Harrison is Mike Spencer, a cop whose girlfriend is killed by drug dealers after she stumbles onto their operation during a fashion show. He goes undercover as a photographer to catch the people responsible and discovers the modelling agency is a front for drug smugglers, so he uses muscle to get revenge. Featuring a wonderful score by Franco De Gemini and Stefano Torossi!

Light the Fuse Sartana Is Coming (1970)

Directed by: Giuliano Carnimeo
Stars:Gianni Garko, Nieves Navarro, Massimo Serato
Language: English, Italian (2tracks)
Country: Italy | Imdb Info | Dvdrip
Also known as: Una nuvola di polvere… un grido di morte… arriva Sartana, Cloud of Dust… Cry of Death… Sartana Is Coming
DescriptionWily roving gunslinger Sartana arrives in a small town and tries to find a hidden fortune of half a million dollars in gold and two million dollars in counterfeit money. Naturally, a bunch of other treacherous folks who include conniving widow Senora Manassas, shrewd fellow gunslinger Grand Full, and the vicious and unhinged General Monk are also looking to get their greedy hands on said fortune.

Fuga scabrosamente pericolosa (1985)

Directed by: Nello Rossati
Stars: Rodrigo Obregón, Eleonora Vallone, Franky Linero
Language: Italian
Country: Italy | Imdb Info | Vhsrip
Also known as: The Escape
DescriptionThe daughter of a rich farmer is kidnapped by a fugitive. She will be raped and brutalized but finally will get her revenge.

Your Hands on My Body (1970)

Directed by: Brunello Rondi
Stars: Lino Capolicchio, Erna Schurer, Colette Descombes
Language: Italian | Subtitles: English
Country: Italy | Imdb Info | Vhsrip
Also known as: Le tue mani sul mio corpo
DescriptionA young neurotic dedicates his life to harass others, especially his father and stepmother. Not even an encounter with a girl manages to keep it away from his world of macabre fantasies

Fantabulous Inc. (1967)

Directed by: Sergio Spina
Stars: Richard Harrison, Adolfo Celi, Judi West
Language: Italian
Country: Italy | Imdb Info | Tvrip
Also known as: La donna, il sesso e il superuomo
DescriptionA company specializing in international espionage turns a young man into a super hero and offers his services to the United Nations. For a hefty fee, the creation will supposedly become an international policeman who will fight crime and make the world safe from the machination of evil.

Sahara Cross (1977)

Directed by: Tonino Valerii
Stars: Franco Nero, Michel Constantin, Pamela Villoresi
Language: English, German, Italian, French (4tracks)
Country: Italy | Imdb Info | Dvdrip
DescriptionA team of oil prospectors is trying their luck in the turbulent Sahara desert. One day their leader gets killed by some terrorists. The other team members immediately swear revenge and go after them. They manage to kill their friend’s murderer and capture two others. Along the way it becomes clear they have plans other than delivering them to the police.

Forbidden Temptations (1965)

Directed by: Osvaldo Civirani
Stars: Nella Asaro, Brigitte Bardot, Dolly Bell
Language: Italian
Country: Italy | Imdb Info | Dvdrip
Also known as: Tentazioni proibite
Description Italian documentary film shot in several European towns (Berlin, Hamburg, London, Paris, Venice) as well as in Rome’s De Paolis Studios (where Civirani, with the choreographies of Gino Landi, helms also the dance number featuring Yvonne De Carlo), the movie features a series of strip-tease numbers intermixed with real-life scenes and interviews.

Il commissario di ferro (1978)

Directed by: Stelvio Massi
Stars: Maurizio Merli, Janet Agren, Ettore Manni
Language: Italian | Subtitles: English (srt)
Country: Italy | Imdb Info | Ar: 1.85:1 | Dvdrip
Also known as: The Iron Commissioner, The Iron Superintendent
DescriptionPretty solid Merli/Massi collaboration. The plot is a simple one that centers on various kidnapping episodes. With each scenario, the stakes increase for Merli’s character and he must race against the clock to resolve each standoff.

Doppia coppia con Regina (1972)

Directed by: Julio Buchs
Stars:Marisa Mell, Gabriele Ferzetti, Juan Luis Galiardo
Language: Italian | Subtitles: English
Country: Italy | Imdb Info | Tvrip + Tvrip Dvd
Also known as: Alta tensión
DescriptionJosé, a young mechanic, arrives in Madrid to make it big, After being conned he loses his savings, and is took in by Elisa, a photographer. She introduces him to Pablo and Laura. Laura makes him an offer he cant refuse and then his troubles really begin.

Cross Current (1971)

Directed by: Tonino Ricci
Stars: Philippe Leroy, Elga Andersen, Ivan Rassimov
Language: English, Italian (2tracks)
Country: Italy | Imdb Info | Vhsrip
Also known as: Un omicidio perfetto a termine di legge
DescriptionA speed-boat racer suffers amnesia after an (apparent) boating accident and goes to his isolated villa to recuperate. His relationship with his wife (Elga Andersen) is troubled, so he starts an affair (sort of) with the another woman (Roseanne Yanni), which results in one of the three of them being shot (in a catfight gone horribly wrong). But there are several more twists–and more murders–to come.

Slalom (1965)

Directed by: Luciano Salce
Stars: Vittorio Gassman, Adolfo Celi, Daniela Bianchi
Language: English, Italian (2tracks)
Country: Italy | Imdb Info | Ar: 16:9 | (pal) Dvdrip
Description: Lucio (Vittorio Gassman) sees his holiday on the Italian Alps interrupted when he is suddenly and unwillingly involved in an International plot involving fake dollar bills.

Cari Genitori (1973)

Directed by: Enrico Maria Salerno
Stars: Florinda Bolkan, Catherine Spaak, Maria Schneider
Language: Italian
Country: Italy | Imdb Info | Tvrip
Also known as: Dear Parents
DescriptionAn Italian mother (Bolkan) who has not heard from her daughter (Schneider) in a long time travels to London, where the daughter is living, and is shocked to be confronted with the young woman’s world. During the brief days they spend together, the women come to acknowledge the insurmountable differences that exist between them despite the love they share.

The Most Wonderful Evening of My Life (1972)

Directed by: Ettore Scola
Stars: Alberto Sordi, Michel Simon, Charles Vanel
Language: Italian, French (2tracks) | Subtitles: English, Spanish
Country: Italy | Imdb Info | Hdtvrip
Also known as: La più bella serata della mia vita, La plus belle soirée de ma vie
DescriptionA successful businessman whose destiny leads him to a secluded Swiss castle where his life is put on trial by a group of old law professionals. These four men, though retired, make it a practice to keep their legal skills sharp. Whenever a suitable villain stumbles across their path, they conduct a trial with all the trimmings. They assemble to analyze Sordi’s rise to power and his increasingly immoral behavior as he attained success, and the warped perceptions of right and wrong he has adopted to remain successful. It is a form of play, but these virtuoso lawyers are quite serious about it.